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packing list, reading list, and faq added!

for those of you who are interested in how much stuff it takes to go around the world (at least, in the manner that i wanted to do it -- i could definitely be getting by with FAR less stuff than i'm schlepping around), i've now posted the gone living packing list along with sites where you can buy the same gear if you so desire.

i've created a reading list on the site that covers a lot of the books i read before leaving, as well as books i've been reading on the road, guidebooks i've used, and travel humor books that i've read over the years and still enjoy.

and finally, to answer some of the questions people have had about me and my trip, i've added a short faq as well.

i've also upgraded the blog site to movable type 3.31, which means that the site now has support for features like listing tags for each post (you'll see them at the bottom of each post), improved site search functionality, and spruced-up page templates.

i'm also experimenting with some limited advertising on the site to see if it gets any clicks, to supplement the income from my amazon affiliate program. let me know if this drives you crazy, or if you have any thoughts on better ways to generate a little bit of revenue from the site without damaging the user experience.

thanks to jeremy zawodny for the link in his linkblog -- evidently he liked my statement that "i am proud to announce that i did almost nothing of any value whatsoever today" from my earlier post a lazy russian afternoon.

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Jeez, that's quite a list...wondering if you've tried leaving the bulk of your stuff in one location while traveling ultra-light when moving about surrounding areas? Once you start going light, you realize how much of your stuff is unnecessary.

As a friend summed up best "all you need is a shoulderbag full of stuff... 15-20lbs or less. It must be an eerie feeling leaving home with toiletries comprising 30% of what you've packed for a multi-month excursion, but the next time I head out, I'll be carrying next to nothing, as in traveling - lite!"

Happy trails!


Geez Andy! How do you fit all that stuff in your pack? :)
I'm reading "Finding George Orwell In Burma," which I think you would really enjoy - especially now that you've been there...

Tara Kirchner:

When I returned from traveling, I kept all my travel clothes, but I think I should have given them away (not that anyone would take them), or maybe thrown them off the bridge. Something. I really never wanted to wear that stuff again. So. Maybe you should auction it all on Ebay!


i totally agree with the points on packing light -- i actually started with a very light base set of gear, but decided to make some additions in order to enable me to do more stuff. having things like hiking boots or scuba mask with lenses set to my prescription (since i don't wear contact lenses usually let me do more, and if i ever get sick of the weight i'll send 'em home and move forward with less stuff!

esther, i'll definitely get and read that book. i also need to start reading some henry miller as well, since i've been reading 'tropic of cancer' at a friend's house.

tara, i love the 'gone living' auction idea. who wants to bid first for an old pair of hiking boots? ;)

Holy cow, I feel like a light packer now! Thank you for sharing. My list is constantly changing -- from every country (at least twice a month) I've left stuff in hotel rooms, sent stuff home, and been unable to resist cute cheap market t-shirts and bracelets. One of my final blog posts will list which items made it with me from start to finish -- it will be a very short list!

Nice to check in with you... We're finally in Europe, so drop me a line!


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