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after enjoying all the food on my 3-day tour of ha long bay, it seems that i caught a touch of food poisoning from one of the meals. i'll note that this occured in a restaurant, and not in any of the wonderful street food stalls that i've been eating at in hanoi.

so i've been down for 24 hours recuperating and bothering my friends and family with the magic of internet telephony. ("oh, is THAT what time it is over there?")

i'm now mostly recuperated, so i'm making up for lost time with a budget 1-way flight to da nang tomorrow afternoon, and from there i'll be exploring hoi an and nha trang beach.

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I was wondering when that was going to happen to you given your brazen street stall escapades w/ barbecued pigs and other culinary cutlets! Hope you feel better soon.


thanks deep! it was the bad tour food though, and not the fault of any of the fine street vendors of southeast asia. rest assured that i'll be back eating pig entrails again soon enough. ;)

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