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i was looking at photos from my trip from just a week ago, where instead of going through 10 months of back bank statements and junk mail (hours of fun, let me tell you), i was climbing Table Mountain and exploring cape town by day, and combing the bars and nightclubs of Long Street at night with new-found friends.

sitting at home in los angeles, all those things suddenly felt so "far away" (even though it was just a few days ago) compared to everyday life in california, but then i remembered: there are wonderful, madcap adventures EVERYWHERE. and they're waiting there out there for you -- all you need to do is go out there and let them happen. it's amazing how short a jump it really is to go from reading an alluring sentence in a Lonely Planet guidebook and actually experiencing whatever it was that caught your eye.

i'm looking very forward to resuming my own adventures in peru in mid-january. for all of you reading this, i hope you find the time and resources to pursue your journeys. for myself, it's been over 10 months on the road so far (aside from this short detour), and i haven't regretted a bit of it.

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From reading your last few entries it seems that you've really (with the risk of sounding cheesy) 'found yourself'! Cape Town does sound amazing, what were your favourite experiences there?
Im off to india in a week and after so much organisation and beaurucracy its really starting to feel real. One thing that is concerning me is that i keep on getting lectures from people on how its really dangerous etc etc...maybe its cos im female and 19 i dont know, did you get that kind of negative feedback?
anyway, enjoy!
p.s- ever thought of being a travel writer? Lonely Planet have a competition on at the moment on their website, might be worth a look?



rebekah: thanks for the great feedback! i've found that the people that give you the most negative feedback about the idea of visiting a specific country are the people that have never been there. while i know single women face an additional risk of harassement in india, just keep your wits about you and throw in a fake wedding ring if you really have to keep the would-be lotharios away.

the contest sounds cool... i'll check it out! and i'll try and add another backdated post on cape town that tries to explain what it was about that town that i fell in love with. have a great trip! :)

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