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character moments

i'm back in bangkok again for a few days to obtain Yet Another Visa (China) while in between countries, and enjoying the absurdity of tourist life.

sitting in an internet cafe, i'm watching a slightly ragged-looking older italian tourist, unshaven with his white shirt partially unbuttoned, shouting his way through an international phone call to someone he met on his travels that he needs to give his number to. evidently he doesn't trust the other person's ability to write down a simple phone number, so he is constantly repeating in his thickly accented english "you repeat the number, madame" over and over again.

i love the brief personal sketches that i get from the odd characters i see on this trip... most of the time i have no idea what their story really is, but i'm just enjoying observing and imagining.

and hey -- you in the corner, stop videochatting away all of my bandwidth with MSN Messenger. i need that to upload to flickr!

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