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el tiempo arequipeño

i woke up today in my single room at the the point hostel arequipa with a hangover from last night's carousing on the town for someone's birthday, and recuperated with lots of bottled water and Resident Evil and South Park on my iPod. after stumbling downstairs at 1:30pm for two breakfasts (a delicious omelette and an order of french toast) instead of lunch, i finally was ready to begin the day.

it's going to be hard to go back to working a regular schedule after living this life for a year.

the rest of the people in this hostel are moving pretty slowly as well -- the people who aren't out on tours of arequipa's nearby colca canyon are lazing around the hostel's backyard, swinging in hammocks, getting spanish lessons, watching TV, playing pool, and idly observing the progress being made on the construction of the hostel's upcoming hottub.

i've been here several days now, and i can't pretend that i've done much more than hang out, see a few local sights, eat my first meal of cuy (guinea pig), and finish my planning to attend Carnival in Rio. i was originally planning to head on to Nazca from here and then on to the oasis of huacachina, but my plans have been rearranged since i received an invitation from a friend i met travelling to attend a peruvian wedding in lima. how could i say no to that? so, next stop, lima!

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