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my visit to trader vic's tokyo

one of the things i had to do as part of my tour of the world's trader vic's was to visit the tokyo trader vic's at the swank new otani hotel.

after taking the subway over to the akasaka-mitsuke station and emerging into the completely surreal black-light space scene ceiling of the station, i knew i was on the track of something good. a short walk over the bridge to the new otani, and some navigation going from bowing door staff to more bowing door staff, i made it to the front entrance of trader vic's (on the 4th floor, if you'd like to know).

after settling down to my traditional samon fogcutter and crab rangoon while i studied the guidebooks for my next two countries, india and nepal, i asked to say hi to the local GM of the tokyo trader vic's. it turned out he was on the premises, and we had a great chat and overall i received an exceptionally warm reception. larry runs an absolute top-notch TV's -- for fellow trader vic's enthusiasts, you should know that it's very much in the style of the beverly hills trader vic's with low ceilings decorated with classic polynesian items and the beautifully thatched ceiling, room after room after room within the bar/restaurant, not to mention the excellent bar itself!

one of the reasons behind my plan to visit all of these trader vic's, besides the fun of enjoying excellent drinks, food, and service, is that they provide a sort of respite from the occasionally trying times of my trip. it's an easy hour of relaxation that allows me to be on familiar ground for a bit and relax, which is more valuable than you might think when you've been travelling away from home for 7 months. it definitely works for me -- it was a great moment to relax between the fast pace of tokyo, and the intensity of india.

trader vic's tokyo is my pick for my favorite overseas trader vic's i've encountered so far. and for the next trader vic's on my list? trader vic's dubai #1 and trader vic's dubai #2!

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