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flying to bali

a surreal moment occurred this afternoon as my royal brunei airlines flight taxied towards the runway: large amounts of steam began to pour from all the overhead vents, evidently from the humidity in air. but the rather disturbing visual effect was that of smoke filling the cabin or the final moments of the victims of a james bond villan's mystery gas. not long after it appeared, the steam began to disappear, finally dissipating not long after takeoff.

i'm preparing for arrival on bali by listening to the mountain goats on my ipod, and reading my bali guidebook's language section. i love the implied narrative that often appears in the order of phrasebook phrases, such as the set that i'm currently reading:

where is the ...? - dimana ...?
i'd like to go to the ... - saya mau pergi ke...
how far? - berapa kilometre?
how long? - berapa jam?
how much is the fare to ...? - berapa harga karcis ke...?
where is this bemo/bus going? - kemana bemo pergi?
when will the bemo/bus leave? - bila bemo/bis berangkut?
where is this? - dimana ini?
stop! - estop!

(from the rough guide to bali, 4th edition)

as much fun as the above transaction sounds it would be with the bus driver, i'm going to spring for the extra $4 and get a taxi to my hostel.

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