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flying into kuala lumpur

after a late departure, i'm relaxing on my Malaysian Airlines flight with a can of Tiger beer (a favorite), and getting the lay of the expat land by reading a copy of the New Straits Times. Consulting The Rough Guide to Malaysia has given me some good hostel ideas, as well as a sketch of a sightseeing plan for my day tomorrow in KL. (and mentally preparing myself for the relatively higher cost of living in malaysia.)

inflight service has been great -- simple drinks to smooth over the delay/wait to take off, tasty food, an attentive in-flight crew, and (my own addition) Juno and the Dismemberment Plan and the Garden State soundtrack on my iPod.

not bad for a 2.5-hour hop within Southeast Asia. Royal Brunei Airlines could learn a few things from these folks!

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Hey, get to know your blog from some other blog (isn't that the way blog work? :-)). I think it is really cool to be able to leave your job and went on a trip around the world.

What a coincidence that your latest destination is actually Malaysia, where I live in. Beside KL, are you going to Penang too?


hi kahfei and thanks! i'm in malayasia for only a week, so i'm spending my time up in the cameron highlands in addition to KL, so i won't make it to penang this trip. however, i hope to get a chance to visit there in the future. it sounds like a great island!

Penang is definitely a great island, great food, nice beaches, and lot of historical buildings.
But Cameron Highland is nice too. There are lots of backpacker hostels available, if you do not have any place in mind yet, perhaps you could check out this site.

Chris Volk:

Andy, have fun in Malaysia! I led that group of food writers there a few years ago and loved Penang (as well as Kutching).

Look forward to reading more pal!


thanks for the advice, everyone! i'm leaving malaysia for singapore in just a few hours, but definitely enjoyed my time here.

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