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camera broken!

my wonderful canon powershot sd550 accidentally turned itself on in my jeans pocket this afternoon, which jammed the lens barrel when it tried to extend itself inside my pocket and was blocked by my wallet.

since canon's engineers, unlike the makers of every CD-ROM drive on the planet, never anticipated a situation where the camera's extending lens might be blocked by something, instead of retracting automatically when it hit an obstacle, the camera promptly jammed the lens barrel inside my pocket and broke itself.

i'm going to try and either get the camera repaired in tokyo when i arrive in a few weeks, or buy a new camera and try and sell the broken carcass of my old camera for what i can get for it.

in the meantime, i'm switching over to my 2-megapixel cameraphone for all photos, the totally amazing HTC TyTN smartphone. i just got this gadget a few days ago, and have been having a great time with it. plus it can upload to flickr with shozu via any wi-fi connection! good stuff.

my apologies for the lack of image quality in the meantime, but it should only be a few weeks until you start getting images from a 7+ megapixel camera again!

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I'm sorry-that sucks more for you. I hate being without a camera! My camera died on the 2nd day we were in Mexico this spring -it was a huge bummer- though I had fun getting a cheapie 35mm point and shoot that I knew was so crappy that the pictures would basically coome out like a toy camera, oversaturated and blurry. :)


thanks esther -- luckily i'm going to japan soon, otherwise this would be even more difficult! i have great hopes that someone in the depths of akihabara can fix my camera for me. if they can't do it, nobody can (well, outside of the official factory repair guys, of course).

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