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desperately seeking lonely planet

if anyone is reading this blog who can give me any tips on where in cairo i can find a bookstore that sells english-language lonely planet books on africa (especially tanzania and/or east africa), please post a comment to this entry and let me know!

i'm headed to tanzania in a few days, and have no guidebooks on the country and would love to have a guidebook in hand before i arrive. all english-language bookstores that i've found so far in egypt only sell guidebooks on egypt, not on other countries. it's the first time i've had trouble finding guidebooks in a major city, and could use any advice you have. i've got a few possible leads from web searching to check, but nothing that looks very promising. thanks!

P.S. That's "desperate" as in "desperately seeking susan", not "desperate" as in "oh dear GOD, what am i going to do?". There's always a Plan B in my travels... ;)

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Hopefully someone can answer you directly here. But in case they can't, and it hadn't occured to you: might have some luck if you post in the Thorn Tree Africa forum? http://thorntree.lonelyplanet.com/categories.cfm?catid=9&STARTPAGE=2


hi there
just to let you know, i first found your blog about a month ago and have been following you ever since! in the last week ive just quit a shockingly dull course and booked flights etc to india with friends...so thanks for the inspiration!!!i might even try the bollywood scene :L

good-luck xxx


mike, thanks for the suggestion on using the thorn tree -- i posted my question there, and got a few good replies!

bex, so glad to hear that you're heading out on the road! have a great time in india, and be prepared for a long day in bollywood, but you'll have a great story and a few extra rupees at the end of it all. :)

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