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hooked on "lost"

i am absolutely addicted to "Lost". but when i left home, i figured that there was no way that i'd be able to keep up with the show.

however, thanks to the fact that i can use my itunes store account anywhere that has itunes installed (or will let me install it in their internet cafe), and that i have a video ipod with me, i'm quite happily tracking the show from wherever i am in the world.

"but wait!", you say. what about the obsessive over-analysis of the show that you would go through with your friends when you were living back in california? what about that critical part of the Lost experience?

enter LostPedia.

LostPedia is simply amazing. hyper-obsessive analysis of every point in the show. for example, just look at their info on the map that locke recently found inside a door in the hatch. just the kind of thing that i need when i'm looking for something to muse over in between episodes.

now if they'll just start selling movies on the itunes store so i can have even more timewasters... nah, i'd settle for matlock episodes. ;)

actually, i'm trying to just look out the window, go outside, and enjoy the trip instead of getting caught up in watching TV. but being able to keep up on Lost is really cool.

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