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the cyclone approaches

in what can only be described as an extradionary feat of bad timing, we ended up arriving in darwin 48 hours before the estimated arrival of cyclone monica. everyone in darwin is starting to prepare, and according to the latest news, it should be arriving early tomorrow morning (note the way the red arrow of the predicted path points directly at darwin).

it shouldn't mean more than gale force winds, but it definitely looks like a bumpy day or two coming up. (considering the entire city was wiped out by cyclone tracy in 1974, it's hard not be a little alarmed by the approaching storm.) looks like i might be discovering what the inside of a cyclone shelter is like.

hopefully (for everyone's sake here in darwin) this storm willl pass through without more than a few broken windows.

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Alex Volk:

Sure hope you stay safe (and bought the damage waiver on your land rover)!!!!


Take care Andy!!


Holy cow! Andy, Cyclone Monica is on the front page of Yahoo! http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20060424/sc_afp/australiaweathercyclone_060424142434
I hope you and Jean stay safe...as well as the people of Darwin and outlying areas. My fingers are X'ed...I'll be watching the news.

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