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addicted to tabloids

the first encounter started innocently enough -- an old newspaper we picked up at the cafe to read while we waited for our flat white and long black coffees. the easy-to-read format of the tabloid size drew us in, and the delightfully opiniated headlines and bad puns (such as "MEATWORKERS TASTE VICTORY"), kept us there.

unlike US-based tabloids, these are not focused on far-fetched stories about the Bat Boy or front-page celebrity gossip (well, not purely focused, at least). instead, they're a highly editorialized view of the day's news with.

while i wouldn't subscribe to one as my only source of daily news, they make for very entertaining reading at lunch or in the car during our long stretches of driving, where we read each other stories about a baby Meerkat kidnapped from the zoo, and giant tuna.

so Advertiser, Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph, and Herald Sun, thanks for all the tabloid fun. i'll miss you when i head up to southeast asia at the end of this month. until then, i'll be enjoying every page of infotainment.

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